The Story of Safe Home Lock & Key

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Safe Home Lock and Key is a 3rd and 4th generation locksmith and safe company.  Safe Home Lock and Key provides exceptional locksmith and safe services for commercial, residential and auto locksmith applications. We also install business and home security and safety hardware  in addition to making keys for auto, home, or business.

1st Generation Locksmith

Our family trade started 75 years ago with my grandfather. He entered the Army at age 19 and wanted to learn a skilled trade. Fortunately, my grandfather landed in the security field, something he knew little of, and was intrigued of the whys and hows of the locksmith security trade. He had a long road to follow, and in time, after many hours of studying and training about locks and security, he rose up in the ranks of the Army to sergeant major. His role was opening German safes and security containers gathering information essential for the U.S. to win the war. Soon after World War II, Sergeant Major L.T. Caldwell made a new home in Denver, Colorado. He did a little gold mining before founding Caldwell Lock and Key.

2nd & 3rd Generation Locksmiths

My father soon followed the passion of the locksmith profession and started his own locksmith business in Arkansas. After my grandfather sold his locksmith business in Colorado, he moved to Arkansas to assist my father in running the family’s second locksmith shop. Soon after, I arrived to carry on the locksmith legacy. I too became intrigued with the locksmith profession, how locks work and how they work differently. I began taking locks apart and watching my father while growing up in the locksmith profession. It has been over 40 years since I began my journey as a professional locksmith in the lock, safe, and security trade. This is something that I am very proud of.

4th Generation Locksmith

My son Jerry is the 4th generation Caldwell locksmith and is now a big part of the success we share at Safe Home Lock and Key. Jerry was taught from an early age and has absorbed the locksmith business. Since Jerry has grown up in a technological era, this augments his knowledge of traditional lock and safe work.

The Safe Home Lock and Key Difference

At Safe Home Lock & Key, we are happy to know when a customer calls we will provide excellent locksmith services you can trust. There isn’t anything Safe Home Lock & Key cannot do when it comes to locks, safes, or keys, whether in commercial, residential or auto locksmith services. When you need prompt, friendly, professional locksmith services at a fair price, Safe Home Lock & Key is here for you.

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