Boise Safe Installations and Repairs

Gun, Burglary, Fire & Deposit Safe Installations

Installing a safe in your home or business helps deter would-be thieves from accessing your valuables and important personal information. Safe Home Lock & Key uses safes that are not just designed for security, but also protect your valuables in a fire emergency.

Safe Home Lock & Key Certified Safe Dealer

Safe Home Lock & Key uses only the best that  Safe industry  has to offer. Each safe is constructed from steel and are built to withstand temperatures up to 1850° F for up to two hours with a inside temperature of 350 . Additionally, the safe is drill and punch resistant and tested to survive a two story fall.

Safe Combination Changes – Boise Safe Repairs

In the event your combination is lost or your safe is damaged, Safe Home Lock & Key offers emergency locksmithing services; including safe combination changes, safe lock repair, and opening.

Residential & Commercial Safes Available in Boise

Safe Home Lock & Key in Boise is the leader of business, commercial, home, office safe technology.

Have you forgotten your safe combination? Had to let an employee go and need your business safe combination changed? Maybe your safe is just isn’t working the way it should or you need your safe moved . Well you have come to the right place at Safe Home Lock & Key. We pride ourselves with the safe experience and service which is next to none. With good customer service and our tech’s you can us trust the most through out the greater Boise area . Our superior ethics and morals within the safe and locksmith industry is how we have managed to grow our safe company through a down economy while also growing our market share in the locksmith market. At Safe Home we put our customers first, always. We stand firm on our price quotes and take pride in what we do as professionals in our field.

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Offering the Following Safe Locksmith Services in Boise & Surrounding Areas:

  • Safe Combination Locks Changed
  • Safe Combination Locks Opened
  • Safe Locks Repaired
  • Safe’s Repaired
  • Safe’s Sold
  • Safe’s Moved
  • Gun Safes
  • Office Safes
  • Home Safes
  • Burglary Safes
  • Depository Safes
  • Undercounter Safes
  • Fire Safes